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If you are looking for a beautiful turn in a new direction, discover The Roshaan's. We create high-style designers, filled with personality, and offered at an exceptional value.

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New Arrival

Fill up your home with glamor and style by buying new arrivals furniture designs that are created with the unique concept and has remarkable quality.


When you think of The Roshaan’s, think of a highly edited portfolio of furnishings – from classic to modern in detail – defined by exceptional style. Each piece is a breath of fresh air, infinitely adaptable and ultimately unique, to take your home in a beautiful new direction.


Furniture is in our blood! Our Designs are a true inspiration of Retro and
Modern Art fusion. Our passionate team members are of different ages
and backgrounds, which makes room for significant diversity and
richness. While some are talented artists who sketch designs and work
on visual arts, others specialise in manufacturing process to its finishes.
Our style does not follow the rat race but we constantly interpret new
fashion and trends to ensure the longevity and its usage. Contemporary
to modern, fusion of vibrant and chic designs with accessibility for all is
what takes The Roshaan’s Furniture to the next level